Pinoy menu keeps Filipino-owned resto alive in Utah

Posted at 02/05/2011 11:34 AM

UTAH – A Filipino restaurant owner decided to revamp his menu to cater to the growing Pinoy population in Salt Lake City.

The Five Star Restaurant is giving residents a chance to tour the Philippines with their taste buds.

“I think it's great because it gives the people of Salt Lake an opportunity to try a type of food that they probably never had before," said resident Parker Paulsen.

The restaurant isn’t just a hit with Americans, it's also attracting Salt Lake's growing Filipino community.

"Sisig, kaldereta at saka pritong tilapia. Masarap," said a Pinay, Laurdes Tulin.

Business has not always been this good at Five Star Restaurant. In fact, back when the eatery only offered Thai and Chinese cuisine, its owner was struggling to make a profit.

“The economy went down and so of course, the restaurant business is the first one that will be affected,” said restaurant owner Rudy Padua.

That's when Padua decided to change the make-up of his restaurant. In September, he revamped the menu with classic Pinoy dishes and desserts.

Since the switch to the Filipino theme, Padua said profits have skyrocketed.

“My Filipino customers are the only ones that's keeping me alive right now,” said Padua. Balitang America